I’m working on braiding
a rope of regrets,
and every night I sit in my hallway by the light of my black lamp
wishing that I hadn’t started

braiding the rope this way, because
now I have to keep braiding the rope this way,
and if I had thought to braid the rope differently at first
I wouldn’t have to
keep braiding it this way.
I hold each thread taught --  
the opposite end is tied to my bed post
which keeps getting farther away.
I am trying to braid my way to Kansas
but it is hard and I keep
getting letters in the mail from
charities asking me to donate,
and all of my time spent opening letters
takes away time from the rope I am trying to braid to Kansas.
And even though I wish I had braided it
differently, the good news is
if I braid a rope all the way to Kansas
everyone will be very impressed,
and I will be able to eat perishable foods again and
I will be so happy to not be braiding ropes or opening letters anymore.