Dear Professor Clark,

I'm sorry I couldn't make it to class today, I had to rearrange my room at 2am last night.
I had to put the desk across from the window and next to the bookshelf, and then I had to clear off the bookshelf so nothing would distract me when I sat to work.
I had to turn the bed so the draft would come in at my knees instead of my nose. And then I had to put my dresser off center on my back wall so that there would be a space for my backpack when I come home.
I had to throw out all the clothes I don't wear, I had to throw out all the socks without matches even though I wear them unmatched all the time.
I had to read all the papers in my dresser drawer, I had to throw them all out. I had to make sure my plants belonged on the shelf on the left not the shelf on the right, I had to move my coin cup beside my jewelry box, I had to make sure the colors of the bindings of my books were in the same order as the room.
I had to devise a new strategy of hanging my dresses and jackets, I had to put my bedside table in my closet for my bike helmet. I had to decide where my basket of clothes would go so that I can't be careless when putting things away, I had to move my trash can so it wouldn't be the first thing I see in the morning.
I had to hang the picture of my brother up high.

And then I had to go to sleep, 
And when my alarm rang at noon I saw the sunlight on my succulents and my bag was ready for me by the door, who was cracked,
And everything had a purpose except maybe

See you next week,