Makes me think of you
Sticky sweet fresh

Smile lined soul eyes closed it smelled like
Mint and motor oil, syrup and grass clippings.

We took so many eight hour drives
Limbs falling asleep
Pins and needles making the clock
Obsolete, I counted on nothing

But you, groggy back seat best friend never
An ounce of resentment when I pinch your arm and scold you for not looking hard enough, just

You are nothing on the camel’s back
You are clear still water
streak free shine
window on a sunny day
wind behind my kite.

Violet sunilght, yellow shadows we wandered
hooves hung near heads
of lettuce our apples and pancakes went well with laughing
cow cheese for breakfast

stucco walls were steeped in secrets
we whispered to the tiled rooms
Sahara sand glowed like a sister
of the sun, the sky was vast and growing only
because you saw it
welt rising on the flesh of your forearm

you taste mint tea and I
miss you.