My body is numb
and slung over the wooden rail of a bridge on the grand canal.
My mind is waking up while the sun,
mild and white
falls asleep behind me.

I am; not in the past nor the future,
not floating nor sinking,
held in the hands of the eternal.

Somewhere in between it all I become the air.
A slush puppie blue sky
and silver water I slip into a sigh.
The light of the Salute sings among silent pinks and wooden pins;
life is illuminated, born from the tides.

I inhale and my breath skims the surface of the water
as the electric air melts the tears
that were frozen in the greys of my eyes.
The sky is kind and clear; the only sound I hear is rain.

It’s like wearing slippers,
like birthday cards and california gold
I stand before the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

This dusk turns chaos into legend.
The future is put on pause and
love is present,
hidden in the crows feet of old men
and the scared, laughing, beating hearts of young.

My mind is a record,
scratched and cracked and stuck on the word unconditional –
everything is an echo of itself.
Now is soothing and constant,
immediate and moving.
Gravity is a myth, stillness a fallacy
and the earth forgives my sins.