it’s six pm and you haven’t done shit
cleaned your nails all day
when you checked the weather
you decided it was too cold
and too busy out there.
safer to stay in, you thought.
safer to get those nails clean.

one day last week you went out,
you said it was great
sent a picture to your mom,
got a tattoo about it.

how’d it get to be six pm already
you said to your short orange cat,
who always looks suspicious of you
and refuses to eat anything except “cat fancy” tuna.

you put your dinner in the oven
and didn’t hear the timer go off
thanks to the high volume
of a low lit crime show
in combination with your general dullness.

at seven pm you rushed to the smell of the frozen pizza you managed to burn black,
tapped a slice on the counter a few times to watch
what was supposed to be the crust
crumble into ashes on your plate.